Delivery of Wood For Tiny House Frame

Wood Delivery and First Cuts!

The wood for the frame has arrived. $644 in wood doesn’t look like much but this $644 is enough for the entire house and roof framing. Sheathing is going to be delivered in two weeks just before the walls go up. That’ll only be another $325. Then if I can still get the corrugated metal donated from a friend it’ll only be $1,000 or so to fully finish the exterior (I have windows and doors already). This will include the bits and pieces that make a house come together (tar paper, plywood clips, sealing tape, spray foam, flashings, roofing nails, screws, etc).  Where did I get my list?  I took a lot of notes from watching the Tiny Home Builder’s Video Tutorial series…yes I’ve said it before and will keep doing so, go subscribe to those videos!

Virtual Tiny House Workshop

What else did I learn from the Tiny House Tutorial series?  How to build a header.  Note that in the video below I mention 2×4’s only but I did modify the plans so that any span over 4′ will actually be Two 2×6’s with an OSB sandwiched in between and any span over 6 will be 2×8’s.

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