Rake-Gable Metal Roof Trim

Roofing Update Number 1

If I’d had the money I’d have bought a complete roof system like they mention in this Tiny House eWorkshop.  However, I’m on a razor thin budget and a tight’ish timeline so saving for that is a no go.  Instead I’m working with Roofing materials that are a bit cobbled together.  I had to get some custom rake/gable and under dormer valley trim from a local metal fabricator.  I designed it myself after taking measurements and got it for a pretty good deal.  8 custom pieces for $100. Designed in Google Sketchup, printed and sent to the fabricators

Virtual Tiny House Workshop

The panels came out great.  The roof is coming together and soon I’ll have it all squared away.  Looks a bit sloppy but I’ll be trimming up items shortly. Here are a couple of updates to keep you going:

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