Tiny House Digital Sketchup Plans

Initial Plans Complete

I started searching for plans in late November of 2013 and kept coming back to the plans from Tiny Home Builders.  I had thought that I could get away with buying plans from one of the cheaper options but there were four things that kept driving me back to Tiny Home Builders:

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  1. The tiny house training videos on Tiny Home Builders are top notch.  They outline details only contractors would know.  Things that would stump you or trip up a normal build.  Even if you go with one of the cheaper plans, buy these videos for sure.
  2. Aside from Tumbleweed Homes the homes from Tiny Home Builders are one of the few plans out there that have actually been built….several times.  These inexpensive tiny house plans have been built several times
  3. Price.  Rather than Tumbleweed’s rental of plans you actually get the plans to use…they are all yours and at a much lower cost
  4. Sketchup use.  I knew I’d be changing the model quite a bit since isn’t that the point of building your own home so I knew I’d need Sketchup plans.  The one from tiny project (inexpensive ones mentioned above) does come with Sketchup Plans so its a fantastic way to start but I wanted the comfort of knowing the plans were put together by a quality team of professionals.

Now, having said that if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the Tiny Home Builder’s ones right off the bat go with whatever is in your budget (loads of plans here from free to $$$).  Some just give you a sketch up file with the framing and some instructional items.  Others give you lots of training as well.  I found that the Tiny Home Builder’s option was the best for my level of knowledge and ability.

So…I started with the 20 Foot plans by Tiny Home Builders after watching their videos in depth.  I’ve reworked them several times and am sure to do so a few more times.  Enjoy the Pix of my modelI made a few mistakes in these (the floor framing should have joists every 4 feet so that they line up with the edges of the boards.  Had to fix this later on

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