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Trailer is here and leveled!

I initially thought I’d buy a Tiny Home Builders’ Trailer and would have except that the shipping costs to get it to me from South Florida put it just outside of my budget for a trailer.  Their trailers are great though and would have saved me some time for sure.  I’d also looked at the ones from Tumbleweed.  They are pricey….but I wish I’d gone with the lowrider trailer from Tumbleweed as it would have saved a ton of work and about $2,000 in structural work later on to beef up my trailer/tiny house connections.

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I opted to go for a trailer from a company called Pro Build.  I had to specify each little thing whereas from Tiny Home Builders or Tumbleweed it would have come standard.  For instance I wanted electric brakes, tandem axles, 24 foot trailer, 10,500 lb capacity, and nothing above the deck all around.  When I got it, it had a front bar that I had to cut off with a grinding wheel.  Took an hour or so and some black spray paint but I got it off.  At Tiny Home Builders or Tumbleweed it would have come standard ready to go for a tiny house (the tumbleweed lowrider even comes with over hang support already built in).

Once I got the trailer I had to mount it on the jacks.  I have an Amazon Prime membership (because we don’t have cable TV and instead stream everything plus we order a ton off of Amazon and use our kindles to grab free books) so I ordered the jacks from Amazon (sold in pairs) for a super cheap price. Link to them here.  With a Prime Membership you don’t pay for shipping….so totally worth it.

After they got here I had to use a friend’s car jack (one of the kind you see in Nascar movies) to lift up each corner.  Then it was just a matter of going around and around getting the trailer leveled side to side and front to back.  I’ll have to do this again in a few weeks when I start framing but this will give me a good head start.  Remember to put plywood or something underneath each jack to distribute the weight.  It took awhile and I had to move one jack a bit further forward and one a bit back but its honestly not that hard to figure out as you go.  Enjoy the pix!

2 thoughts on “Trailer is here and leveled!

  1. Hi. Great pics and information on your site! Thank you.
    My question is in comparison to buying a trailer from tiny house and doing it all yourself, what is the cost difference? I am working on gathering the money for my tiny house and being a single mom with a big MTG its not easy. lol
    Thanks for your time,

    • Tiny Home Builders has some really great trailers available for a decent cost. I though when I got the trailer that I did that I’d be saving a ton, ended up only saving about $700. It’s a lot but the Tiny Home Builder ones are built for tiny houses so come with features I had to take care of in mine. At first I looked at buying an old camper on Craigslist and ripping off the camper, using some of the parts, etc, but camper trailers aren’t build to handle the weight of a tiny house. It will be the single greatest expense you have, but remember that its the foundation of your entire build so its worth it. If you are saving up to buy it then take the time and start building your plans. It took me months to perfect the plans I bought from Tiny Home Builders. They gave me a great place to start but I (just like all of us) have specific needs and wants out of this build so I wanted to customize it. Best of luck and keep me in the loop Danielle!


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