Building A Tiny House Without A Truck

Tiny House…Tiny Car

Just because I’m building a Tiny House doesn’t mean I’m at all prepared to haul the thing. I had it driven here and dropped off by a friend.  My wife and I currently own two Kia’s but once we move we’ll be selling the older one and getting an older 2 ton truck in case we need to haul this around at all.  We aren’t thinking of moving it very often but since we live in a hurricane prone area we’ll need to have something on hand to be ready.

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We’ll be building the Tiny House with the intention of upgrading later on.  Initially we’re building it with safety, speed, and cost as primary factors.  Once its built and we are moved in we’ll slowly add some items that will help us live off grid in emergency situations like an unexpected Hurricane.  We’ll eventually add things like:

For now though its time to build the subfloor.  Since I don’t have a truck lets see what I can get a Kia Forte to haul…

tiny house tiny car 2

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