Tiny Home Sub-floor Frame

Subfloor Build Day 1

When building the subfloor its not nearly as easy as I’d naively thought it would be.  I mistakenly thought it would be just a day or two and I’d be done.  The problem is that building the subfloor for a 24 foot trailer is actually several different steps…oh and I’m also trying to build this in the winter with few hours of day light 😉

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Below I show the rough outline of what I did, but the best tutorial (and the one I followed) is Tiny Home Builder’s video tutorial series.  Seriously…check out the guy’s work.  Good stuff.  Now that I’ve said that…On with the show!

First…get your cuts out of the way ahead of time.  Its a lot easier than constantly going back to the saw to get them done.  Make sure to measure the trailer multiple times though to be sure your plans are dead on matching your trailer.

Second….do the subfloor in sections (back, front, middle).  This is a step pointed out in the tutorials…works great since it allows you to square up the frame in the middle if you come unsquare.

Third….Listen to the plans…keep a joist at every 4 feet since you’ll need one where the plywood subfloor sheathing meets up with eachother.  I changed up my plans and messed this part up…I paid for it later in time spent fixing the mistake.

Fourth…for each of the three section do the perimeter first then work your way inward.  Basically complete a square  then fill in the square.

For all the good details, hit up Tiny Home Builder’s video tutorial series.

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