Prepping for Trailer Sub Frame Attachment

SubFloor Framing Build Day 2

Today is all about attaching the sub floor frame that was built to the trailer.  This is only step one of attaching the subfloor frame to the trailer.  In this one I’m connecting the joists in multiple locations to the wood beams that are attached to the trailer.  The next step (covered later) will be to connect the over hanging joists to the metal beams along the outside.  Then it’ll be truely attached to the frame.

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I learned about how to do these steps from the Tiny Home Builder’s tutorials…fantastic stuff honestly.  You’ll need some lag bolts (galvanized if you can afford them…I couldn’t so I went with Zinc Plated which should be fine since these are under the house and away from moisture for the most part), one drill bit that is half the size of the lag bolt, and one drill bit that is the size of the lag bolt, a socket wrench, a bit adapter for the socket to Screw Gun.

Then you’ll be marking the wood beams (ones attached to trailer) while the frame is on.  Move the frame off….its a bit heavy and then drill the large holes through the beams.  You’ll put the frame back on and clime under the trailer.  Make sure its all lined up and if it is you’ll see a whole through the trailer beams right up into the subfloor joists.  Use a thin marker or pen and make marks up through the large hole in the beam onto the joists.

Flip the joists onto the ground and use your smaller drill bit and drill into the marks on the joists.  Rinse and repeat.  We are not yet attaching the trailer to the the sub floor.  Leave the frame sections off since we have to apply the flashing first…coming up next.

Sounds easy right?  It is….just time consuming. There are just a few steps involved in this and it’ll take you some time so give it the time it deserves.


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