Mikita Miter Saw

What Kind of Tools am I using?

I researched tools heavily before I started on this journey.  I dug into building tutorials, training materials for home builders, spoke to contractors, and read tons of reviews on products.  When researching and buying I was concerned with price, fellow customer reviews, and how well they’d help me in building as fast as possible.  I’m under a deadline to be out of my existing house by October so speed is key.

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I decided to go with a nail gun for the majority of my build rather than screwing everything.  I chose ring shank nails due to their ability to hold almost as well as screws.  Downside…they suck if you have to pull them out.

 A husky air compressor similar to this one from Amazon – Campbell Hausfeld. An 8 gallon tank works great because on a tiny house you won’t be building super fast any way.  You don’t need a 100 gallon behemoth.  8 gallons will fill fairly fast and get you through the entire build with no problems.

A Makita Miter Saw…hands down the best purchase I made.  Extremely easy to use, very accurate, and saves me a ton of time.  You can try and make things work with a circular saw but honestly you’ll end up with a lot of messed up cuts. When you need the angled cuts for the roof…that’s where this bad boy shines for sure.

The Porter Cable Combo Kit…is a fantastic price for what you get.  18 volts gives plenty of power for doing most of the chores you’ll throw at this set.  It comes with a circular saw for when you need to do some sheathing cuts, a drill for when you need to you know…drill, a flashlight, a reciprocating saw for cutting through corrugated metal, and 2 batteries.  The only time I’ve been left wanting is when I have to do a lot of sheathing cuts at once.  The batteries get eaten alive by the circular saw so I’d get a third one.

The Numax Framing Nailer gets great reviews and is low priced.  It works great and doesn’t jam.  Couldn’t be happier with it.

The Numax Finishing Nailer hasn’t been used yet but if the Framing Nailer I have used and the reviews are any indication it’ll work great when I get to interior work.

Once the real framing starts and you are up high in the rafters you don’t want to get back down to grab something every few minutes…this bad boy comes in handy then.

Aside from that I have levels, squares, speed squares, nails, screws, bolts, and I’m sure there will be plenty more.

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