bottom sill attached to foundation

Exterior Subfloor/Trailer Attachment

***MAJOR UPDATE – The below subfloor attachment method is woefully inadequate.  Please review this updated post for more/better info! ***

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Now that the trailer is attached to the subfloor on the inside, the flashing is laid down, and the overhangs are covered up its time to attach the joists to the trailer’s steel beams. I learned this trick along with a bunch of others at Tiny Home Builder‘s video tutorial series.

While the beam connection via lag bolts is probably enough, it never hurts to make sure you have extra protection.  I’ve added that protection by adding on L brackets to to the joists and connecting them directly to the steel beams.  Mark the location of your joists on the exterior of the subfloor for this step and also for when you attach the sheathing.  Enjoy the videos below.

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