Insulating Tiny House Subfloor

Preparing to Sheath the Subfloor

I initially thought I’d go with OSB for the subfloor but got talked out of it… I kind of wish I’d ignored the advice due to the problems I’ve had with the plywood delaminating. However, I’ll have a stronger floor because of using the Plywood. I opted for a 23/32 (3/4″) plywood which will give me plenty of structural support. Getting it home wasn’t too bad on the Kia and it should go down nicely.

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I also am using Rolled Insulation Batts rather than foam insulation. I’ve heard you shouldn’t do this for a few reasons which make no sense for what I’m trying to accomplish:

  • Foam stands up to moisture better.  This is absolutely true.  However, for rolled batts once moisture leaves they bounce back just fine. The better option is to just not let moisture build up in those areas if possible.
  • Rolled Batts don’t have the same insulating ability.  Once again totally true.  However, when you are on a budget you have to look at the cost/benefit not just what some contractor tells you.  I can afford rolled batts.  I can’t afford the nearly 5-6 times the cost foam batts.  And when it comes down to it I’d rather have R-13 than R-0.
  • Rolled Batts aren’t as environmentally friendly as…Listen, I’m as liberal as they come and am doing a lot more than 90% of the world when it comes to “doing my part” but once again its a cost/benefit ratio analysis.  I’d rather have R-13 than R-0 since I can’t afford the Green R-15.

So in short..budget, sheathing, nearly done!

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