Best House Framing Book

Mistakes…Learn From Them

Mistakes are a thing where you can learn from them or let them sink you. If mistakes are a learning experience then I got a lot of learning experiences out of the subfloor. Attention to detail is usually my strong suit but I found out that it wasn’t enough to miss a couple of key things an experienced builder would have picked up on straight away. In the end the trailer is coming out great…just took a lot of learning. Here’s the list:

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  • Don’t buy sheathing that looks like it might start delaminating….ever.  It will only cost you more time later
  • Don’t buy sheathing until right as you are ready to put it on
  • When installing framing/subfloor framing make sure that you have joists/framing members at 4 foot increments where sheathings will meet with one another
  • Think of ways to not have to cut…and then think again.  Don’t rush into snap judgements
  • If you modify plans make sure to look at the old plans and try to find reasons why things were the way they were.

Of all the issues above none were bad, they just cost me more time.  While I ended up buying the Tiny Home Builder eWorkshop and their plans I started off by buying some cheap tiny house plans  and that along with the copious amounts of research I did saved me a ton of time already.  Do your research by reading books like the one I have, Ultimate Guide to House Framing.  Use this book and take notes like you are in a college course.  While I was modifying plans and saving money I was researching almost nightly and this book was a huge help.

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