Tiny House Roof Rafters

Roof Rafter Cuts

Tonight I started the first cuts. I decided to start with the most difficult cuts because I just wanted them out of the way. The rafters are chock full of angles that are just plain difficult to work with for a newbie builder. Since I’ll be building the Frame and roof all in one weekend this isn’t a major deal. If you don’t have the room to store the wood and are instead breaking up the install…then start with the wall framing.

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The plans I’m referencing in the video below I got from Tiny Home Builders.  I got the printed (mailed) and Sketchup (digital) plans and would honestly suggest this route if you plan on making changes.  It was the 2nd biggest reason I chose Tiny Home Builder’s plans since I wanted to own the copy of what I was buying rather than rent them.  While I did adjust the walls, lofts, roof rafters, and dormers I didn’t touch the angles on the rafters….just too much of a hassle to do so.  Especially when the math has already been done for me.

While the plans were great there were a few areas that a new builder might need help in.  Basically when doing the cuts in the plans remember:

  1. Use a Miter saw for accurate cuts
  2. The angle of the end that butts up against the ridge beam will need to be remembered since you’ll use that angle minus 90 degrees to figure out the angle of the cut you’ll make on the other side where the rafter will attach to the top plate
  3. Measure, measure, measure.  Use practice pieces of scrap wood to practice the angles.  When practicing the angles the length of the practice piece doesn’t matter as much as getting the angles right.

Pix and videos below.  Enjoy


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