Tiny House Dish Drain Cabinet

11 Tiny House Space Saving Ideas

As I get closer to getting the framing done I’m already looking forward to interior design ideas to help increase the livability of the Tiny House with space saving ideas.  For one thing I’ll be building a customized Ofuro Tub out of a horse trough I found on Amazon.  The tubs are deep, small, easy and cheap to build while being very customizable.  There are also has plans out there for building storage, small kitchen spaces, and so on.  Having said that here are some other ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

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  1. Put Plugs in a drawer for charging phones and keeping them off the counters

Add Outlet to a drawer to charge small items
2. Build drawers and shelves within interior walls

Build Drawers in the wasted space betwen wall studs
3. Build a dish drain shelf with a bottomless cabinet above the sink to save counter space

Dish Drainer and Storage combined!
4. Mount plugs under the cabinets to keep backsplashes clear

Install outlets underneath cabinets
5. Another take on the shelving above the sink

Main Image for
6. Turn the fake drawers in front of certain spaces on cabinets into useful things

Make use of fake drawers
7. Create a heavy duty hinge/seat combo

Stools on Hinges to save room
8. Use the tops of counters as storage spaces

Turn Your Counter Into Storage Space
9. Create a slide out cutting board with slide out garbage can beneath it

Use Kitchen Drawers for cutting boards and trash can holders
10. Used recessed plugs to save internal space from plugs sticking out into the room
Use Recessed Outlets to save space
11. Create Hidden storage in the loft between the support beams.  Next to the bed it would be skinnier but still a lot of extra space.  Heck make storage under the bed that is enclosed.

Create hidden storage beside bed in loft

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