Tiny House Framing

Tiny House Wall Framing

Can we say framing party?  On March 22nd 2014 my wife and I invited over 6-7 people and had a good ol fashion framing party.  A couple of the people who came out went above and beyond the call of duty to help.  One of my co-workers stayed for nearly 10 hours to help me get the wall framing done. He was a machine and was the only one to stay as long as he did. In 1 day I went from the subfloor to having the entire first floor wall framing done.  Was an amazing experience and I learned a ton.  The second person who was a huge help was my wife.  She fed us all and kept us in the drinks.  The last person who we couldn’t have done this without was my wife’s step father.  He’s built houses before and has a lot of knowledge in general construction.  He stopped by about half way through the second wall and our building techniques dramatically improved from there.

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Framing a tiny house wall isn’t terribly difficult.  The difficult part is that techniques that an experienced builder knows without thinking about are foreign to an inexperienced builder like myself. The videos and training in my training section helped a lot.   Take the headers over a window or door for instance.  The nailing pattern shouldn’t just be nails down the center of the header.  You should do nails along the outside to keep it from warping if water ever gets into the header.  I would have never known without my wife’s stepfather showing up.  We were able to finish the walls on the first day and then I was able to finish the dormer framing portion within a day and a half after.  The dormers being my first trip to the upper heights was slightly nerve wracking but I got those bad boys done.

In the initial pictures of the framing you’ll notice I had wider spaced framing.  I’d initially thought I’d do 24″ on center spacing.  However, after looking at the finished product I decided that if I was going to do this right I couldn’t deal with that wide of spacing.  I bumped portions of the framing down to 12″ where there was 24″ before.  I also had to fix one portion of the framing the next day which was out of square due to a couple of the framing members being a bit too long.

The other thing I decided to adjust to the plans I purchased was that I decided to change it from a single top plate to a double top plate.  A double top plate is a much sturdier option.  I suggest doing this and sticking with 16″ O.C. in your framing to save yourself the headaches I experienced.

Tiny House Framing
Notice the wider spacing above.  That 24″ O.C. spacing was fixed.  Check out my image below and later posts that show this being fixed.

Tiny House Framing with DormersYou can see here that I fixed the spacing and reduced it in some places.  Strapping is also visible (more on that in another post).  Headers over the wheel wells are 2 2×8’s sandwiched between a 1/2″ OSB and the ones over windows and doors is a 2×4 sandwich with OSB minus the big window which is a 2×6″ bad boy.

Tiny House Framing update 2
This was the first time I looked inside at the “House” and saw what was coming.  Super exciting.

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