Free Tiny House Roof Panels

Free Tiny House Metal Roofing Panels Check!

Metal roofing material…check. Cost? One short drive to a friend’s farm and one long drive back going nice and slow with it strapped to the roof of my car. But got to tour the farm and had some great BBQ on the way back. Savings…$350. One of the biggest things I learned from this site is how to save money when building a tiny house using some very unique ideas.  Free is great!   Giving my Kia a workout!

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Seriously, this little car has delivered the majority of my lumber/panels, etc.  Aside from the main floor framing material everything else has come in on this Kia.  It’s a hatchback with fold down seats in the back and a roof rack I installed on the top.  Works great for a wide variety of projects.  We’ll be buying a truck when we move to haul the Tiny House but will be replacing  my wife’s car, not this bad boy!

Roof Panels Trip
Roof Panels Trip 2

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