Tiny House Update

Roof Overhang, Drip Edge Finishing Touches, and Etc…

I’m not a fan of the roof angles….I can’t stress that enough.  I’ve had to buy plenty of extra wood because of one simple fact.  I suck at getting these roof angles right.  I know now about tricks to make life easier, but alas, when I started I didn’t.  This hatred of roof angles carried forward into the roof overhangs.  I’d cut my roof beam to be longer than I needed intentionally.  Next I started the drip edges and let them go longer than I needed as well.  The cheap tiny house plans on this website are a pretty good example of what I’m trying to do.

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I then marked my Ridge Beam and my drip edges to be 1 foot beyond my roof.  Cut at the one foot mark and got ready for the real challenge of correctly measuring and cutting the overhang roof framing members.  I only wasted about 3 pieces.  First, my angles were wrong on one side, but then it got worse because my roof is slightly different on each side so I didn’t account for this.  It’s because I’m slightly not a professional builder, which is ok, but still sucks when something like that isn’t accounted for.  After I got my issued worked out I got the items in place, held it up there with one hand and used the nail gun to get it in there.

If at all possible get a friend to help you build this thing.  Holding roofing pieces with one hand and hammering them in with the other is a bit challenging, if not slightly dangerous.  Alas, it all got worked out and looks great.  This little girl is starting to look like a tiny house!

Tiny House Hurricane Straps
Tiny House Roof Overhang 2
Tiny House Roof Overhang

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