Tiny House Roof Sheathing Commences

The roof sheathing for the Choo Choo Tiny House wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  It was far less painful than the walls.  For the walls I used almost full sheets.  For the Roof I decided to break up the panels.  The tiny house building training videos and eWorkshops here have plenty of courses.  A few of which outline how to cut the sheathing so that you have smaller and more manageable pieces.  I was able to install it in sections because of this which made it a lot easier.

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The top section (adjacent to the ridge beam) running along the entire house was installed from the inside.  Glued it down with construction glue and used the clamps (the ones pictured are awesome since they can be used with just one hand) to give me a place to rest the sheathing on.

Roof Sheathing Details

Tiny House Roof Sheathing How To
Ring shank nails and glue all the way down!

Roof Sheathing for a Tiny House
Next up was the bottom portion.  To do this just make sure to stagger so you don’t have a vertical seam running down the length of the roof.  Makes it stronger.  Was mentioned in the plans I purchased here and the video demos I watched (about a dozen times). Then just slide the boards up the ladder (it’s steep but doable) and don’t forget to glue it first.  Pop those bad boys on and nail away.

Tiny House Roof Sheathing Walk Through
The initial portion was pretty easy, but once I got to the next bit (the larger pieces) it was a bit trickier.  Nothing I couldn’t handle but I made mistakes of course. First, the sheathing had some slightly larger gaps than I liked.  Nothing a bit of flashing couldn’t fix and of course the roof will be covered with tar paper and then a metal roof, but still, that unsightly seam has to go:

Roof Sheathing Tiny House Gaps
And from the outside it’s looking fairly respectable.

Tiny House Roof Sheathing

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