Tiny House Roof Sheathing Details

Tiny House Roofing Details

The plans I bought outlined very well how it would all look.  If you look at some of my older posts you’ll see that the house is coming along exactly as I’d planned on it.  This is due to lots of studying.  I have read through several books by this point (I’ll post those later) and read about every blog post and video about building possible.  However, without these online training courses I’d be completely lost.

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Pix.  Just some details of the roof for your viewing enjoyment.  The dormers are turning out quite nice, but man being up there on top is still a bit nerve wracking.  Installing one half of the domer was done from inside.  The other half required I step out onto the ladder.

Some of these posts might look out of order, I’m just catching up on some old blogging for the sake of the masses.

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