Tiny House Prepped for Siding 2

Fascia, Drip Edge, And Furring Strips

So after some storms, a trip, and a bunch of laziness out of the way I’m back to working.  I’m starting on the Roofing first and then I’ll knock out the siding.  The goal being that I’d like my neighbors to like looking at the Tiny House I currently have parked in my yard 😉

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First lets check out a couple of update videos showing the progress.

To get started I had to prepare the roof for the corrugated metal panels.  You can install the roof panels right against the roof but adding furring strips creates a layer of air in between the roof and the panels which accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Better Insulation (marginally) by creating a pocket of air which transmits heat/cold less efficiently than metal to roof direct connection.
  2. Prevents Condensation – If a metal panel is a significantly different temp than the house it’s attached to it can create condensation underneath it.  Reducing this is ideal.  The air pocket allows for the temperature to stabilize between the roof and the panels.
  3. Presents an easier way for water to flow behind the panels.  This one is the most important one to me.  Water will get behind siding, roofing, and anywhere it can.  It’s the builder’s job to give it a way out, not to block it. Furring strips give the small amounts of water that can make it behind the panels a way to get out by providing a space down.

So, furring strips, check.  I set them about 24 inches apart.  Up next is the Fascia board.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m on a major budget.  It’s the reason I like the cheap tiny house plans here, they are like half of what I paid for mine (from the same designer) and helped me to see where I needed to start in my design phase.  Because I’m on a budget I look for cheap options.  Cedar fence posts at Home Depot provide a fantastic weather resistant fascia board by just cutting off the dog eared portion.  They aren’t that thick, but work fine for what I’m looking to do.

Lastly is the drip edge.  It is important to note that since I am writing this blog post a month later I covered up these cheapo drip edges since they left the roof exposed too much for my liking.  However, they might work for you.

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