Tiny House Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning and Wheel Wells Sealed in

I realized that since I’m about to put siding on the house in the next month or two I need to get things installed that will be poking out.  I don’t have to do this for everything but big items like the AC would be easier done now rather than later.

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I went back and forth a lot on installing a Window/Through Wall AC like they do at Tiny Home Builders or a min split ductless.  Mini Splits are ideal as they require very little through wall installation.  However, they are more expensive (4-5 times more than what I ended up doing) and are a lot more complex to install. Since a tiny house is basically a long hall way and I wasn’t going to use the space above the door I opted to install my AC there so it could blow down the length of the house.  I ended up going with a small window 5000 BTU unit over a through wall unit because through wall units are about 2-3 times more expensive than a window unit and don’t provide that much more functionality.  Since I’m on a budget and I am not as technically adept as others I had to choose what would work for me and my family.

Mounting it meant I had to cut a hole through my existing wall, and frame up a header and king studs to deflect any future force around the unit.  This was a pain in the ass.  Cutting it to the exact size needed then fitting the header and studs in there to give a tight fit while also balancing an AC 10 feet in the air on a ladder sucked, a lot.  However, I got it done.  Flashed around the unit like a Window and will add some tar paper on top of it later.  I used foam insulation around it to seal it up and tested the bad boy out.  Viola, works like a champ.  Doesn’t look so hot, but it’ll get there.

Closing in the wheel wells was pretty easy.  I followed the directions on the videos here to close these in.  Pix below and a short video outlining it all.  These will be hidden in my house by being beneath the kitchen counters (my kitchen will be large’ish and two sided since my wife is a chef). You can see the 2×2 along the bottom which basically gave me a nailer to screw in the OSB to.  Sealed it all in and viola, done!



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