Laminated Flooring

Flooring Update

My son was over this past two weeks and I needed to give him something to do.  So I figured I’d start preparing the subfloor for the flooring.  First up was getting the squeaks out of the flooring.  The problem being that when I installed my subfloor I was in a hurry due to the rains (we’ve had a very rainy season here) and so I used a nail gun with ring shank nails along with construction glue.  On a subfloor they don’t hold as well as screws and since I’m also a novice builder they faced that issue as well 😉

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So I spent the night tracking down squeaks.  I walked around and screwed long 3″ screws into the subfloor joists.  I screwed a large portion of the floor just because I didn’t want to have any issues in the future.  The entire main walkway was screwed since I”m paranoid.  This budget mentality is all about learning from mistakes and fixing them before they are big mistkes.  This kind of stuff is outlined in the tiny home training materials.

I also had my son sand all the edges and joints so that the entire surface is now fully even and ready for the floor installation.


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