Tiny House metal Roof 3

Roofing Update 2 (Almost Done!)

When you get really close to completing a major portion of any type of work you get that nervous anxiety about every detail.  I’ve had that for a couple of days now trying to get this roof finished.  It is now about 90% done.  The ridge cap, foam closure strips along the top, transition ridge cap portion along the top dormer/roof section, and the gable trim over the dormer are all that is left.

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For now though I’ve straightened out that jagged edge along all parts of the roof.  I used a chalk line, a helper, pencil, straight edge, and my trusty circular saw with the diamond blade for cutting metal.  It has help up like a champ!  I also made sure to wear safety wear.  I’d suggest safety wrap around glasses and long sleeves/pants since these metal fragments are hitting you at a relatively high velocity while still being extremely hot.  Oh and you are on a ladder.  Oh and the blade is sometimes inches from you.  Seriously, this was the most dangerous thing I’ve done yet.

Once that was straightened I installed the gable trim over the door.  Silicone between it and the roof panels of course.  Up next is, finishing it 😉

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