Roof Install Done (painting to come)

Tiny House Metal Roof – Done

Big night.  Got a lot done.  The roof is now complete (minus a little bit of caulking in some old holes the previous roof owner had made and sanding/painting). However, it’s structurally a sound roof now!  Took a lot of doing but it got there in the end.  Started with a drive to get the panels and here we are.  I installed the remaining rake/gable trim pieces to keep water flowing where it should. Then did the very minor task of installing the ridge cap…kinda sucked, but honestly not that bad with a tall ladder, a helper, and lots of going up and down. The ugly part of the transition is something I’d seen in the training videos from several pros.  here’s a screen cap:

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roof transition
I got fairly close so I’m ok with that.  Mine has flashing underneath.  Then on top of this you join your ridge caps.  One overlapping the other. More importantly I think it’ll keep water out 😉  All in all this was  pretty big portion of the build.  Next up is the siding so that this beast can look like a house from the outside.  How much did the roof set me back?

I got the roof panels from a friend for free which saved a lot of money.  The screws cost about $60 total (roofing screws with neoprene washers).  The universal ridge caps (3 x 10 FT lengths) cost about $50 total.  The foam closure strips for the bottom and top of the roof cost about $90 (8 x 12 foot lengths).  The external silicone caulking (5 x $4) cost about $20.  The rake/gable  and under dormer valley trim custom made by a local metal fabricator cost about $100.  And then there was the $50 circular saw blade I used to cut the panels.  I already had tin snips but normally those would be another $20.  All in all my roof cost me $370. Plus whatever paint will run me (a friend already has a sprayer for me to borrow…score!)

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