Painting A Rusted Roof

I got my Tiny House Roof Panels from a friend for free.  I knew that I’d be painting them.  If I had the time I’d do it all myself.  This is a great video for those who do. They also have more detail and images here.

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I’m going to be opting to get a professional in to work on the roof but if you are an enterprising person there looks to be only four steps if the covering you purchase has rust inhibitor built into it..

  1. Lightly sand a bit of the rust where it’s flaking and pressure wash the rest.  Then let dry
  2. Use caulking to seal up all the screws (just to be sure) (About $30)
  3. Use Polyester Fabric, here, at $13 along with acrylic patch gel, here, at $50, to seal in the seams and ridge vent.
  4. Lastly paint the whole roof with a white roof coating, here, (2 buckets at $200) which will help keep energy costs down

Expensive?  Not even close to how much it would cost to pay someone to do it.  My roof painted by a Craigslist Painter will probably be in the $500 range.  But considering the roof is the the place where the most water damage could come from…don’t skimp.

Which then leads into what are we doing for colors for the tiny house?  Well, it’s finally been decided.  We’ll be doing a white roof, Grey vinyl siding, with a black trim pieces all around and a red door.

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