Tiny house loft Framing Complete

Tiny House Stairs….Retrofit

My wife and I looked at the future and living in the tiny house and decided we wouldn’t be happy with the ladder that typically goes with a Tiny House.  We don’t think we’re too good for a ladder, it just wouldn’t work with our lifestyle.  Why?

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  • We have a toddler and the chance of him getting hurt on a ladder is far worse than stairs.  With Stairs we can also come up with a method to block them off as needed.
  • A ladder requires you come up with a place to put it.  Wasn’t working out well in the original design I had.
  • My wife drinks a large amount of water since she has dysautonomia (blood pressure lowers very fast without being hydrated).  This means that she has to go to the bathroom several times a night…not something I want her to have to do via a ladder on a regular basis.
  • Once I saw the below picture on the Tumbleweed website I knew I’d found the floor plan for me!

This was the floor plan that started it:

So…I decided I’d have to retrofit what we already had in place.  First I updated the plans.  The stairs pictured are just a place holder and not the finished design:

new layout 2
new layout

Once I was done with that all I had to do was pick up a couple pieces of lumber and it was time to start:

With all the prep done it was time to put in my new outermost beam and to put in some support under the beam I was about to cut:

Now it was time to cut my existing beam and get my stairwell hole made:

Then I had to add one more supporting beam:

And a top down view….The loft now has 15 sq ft more room!

Up to this point it was just laying out the structure of the new loft extension…and while it’s strong enough for me to put my weight on it it’s not nearly strong enough for long term use.  Time to retro-fit the frame of the house to make it strong enough to support the new loft extension:

And a final view of the completed loft

I still need to put some rafter ties on to strengthen the area around the opening.  It’s overkill, but it’s cheap and will increase the stability of the area.  Then it’s on to building the stairs.  There is a great tutorial here on how to do so.  Will update as I get on that portion.

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