Tiny House Trailer Jacks

How To – Add or Remove Leveling Jacks

I’m getting close to adding the siding and before I did that I wanted to do one check (that admittedly sounds paranoid). I wanted to check to make sure that the trailer’s frame and the house’s frame held up ok to life without the jacks. When I’d gotten the trailer I’d noticed that the trailer had a bow to it. It is a large trailer (24 feet) so I figured that once I got the framing on that it would reinforce the trailer. However, I wasn’t sure.

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The problem was I hadn’t seen anything out there on how to remove the jacks from a tiny house. True, it’s not that difficult to figure out. However, I figured, why not throw a quick video of how I did it. Not terribly difficult. Raise the front of the trailer by using the front crank on the trailer tongue. Then remove the front jacks and lower the front low to the ground so that the rear comes off the rear jacks. Viola! Easy peasy and the trailer held up really well. Quick video below showing how it’s done.

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