Tiny House Appliance Shopping

Someone Went Shopping!

So this past week I’ve been preparing for a few major events in the tiny house project, plumbing and electrical. I’ve done a lot of research as I was planning on doing both myself. I watched the Tiny House Video Tutorials that outline some plumbing and a lot of electrical installation ideas. However, since my setup is fairly unique as I’m setting my house up to hook into an RV park’s 50 amp hookup and going with an RV sewer hook up over a standard toilet I decided I wanted a professional. I’ll be doing the electric, incoming plumbing, and propane (wish me luck) and hiring out for the exiting plumbing.

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In perpetration for that I’ve bought some of the items I’ll need for the plumbing and propane set up as that will be first on my list. Plumbing should always be installed first as it’s always easier to route electrical setups around a previously installed plumbing set up.






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