Under Window Siding - After Clipping in

Prepping The House for Siding

As I mentioned in the previous post I mentioned that I am now back on the wagon and will be posting regularly again. This time around I’m focusing on getting the tar paper of my tiny house covered up with siding.  My neighbors haven’t said anything, but I’m betting they’d like looking at a completed outside rather than a work in progress.

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I opted to trim the windows with a simple box.  Routing the inside 1.5 inches of each window to account for the raised portion around an installed window.  My framing is rudimentary and rugged, but looks kinda neat like that. The routing of the inside portion isn’t super neat as it doesn’t need to be.  Once they were up I installed the drip edge at the top.  Lastly wrapped the entire window with J-Channel.  I followed the directions found here for the J-channel (not saying I followed them well 😉 )

As you can see in the pix below I fubared the mitered corners a bit.  The problem? I was cutting both parts of the mitered corner rather than letting the angle portion overlap the straight portion.  Correct way shown below


So, I’ll need to fix that.  I’ll just rip out the side pieces and replaces those.  Aside from that everything else went pretty well.  You can see the corners are up on one side and i stated installing the top j-channel.  I’ll install some starter strip along the bottom and over the wheel wells I’ll be installing some more j-channel.  I’ll use the technique in the video (link above) that shows how to use j-channel on the bottom rather than starter strip (basically shove another piece of siding in there behind it).  In the coming weeks I’ll get all the windows and door trimmed up on the exterior and get ready for the siding in a few weeks.  Enjoy!

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