Siding All Around

Over the past month I’ve been steadily chugging away at siding the house in the relatively short amount of time I now have available to me.  Basically I get 3/4th a Saturday and 1/2 a Sunday each week that its not raining.  Doesn’t leave a ton of time but I’m making due.  In the past month I’ve sided most of the house.  I took the advice of one of the guys I bought plans from……here……who mentioned a mistake he’d made.  When putting on vinyl siding, be sure that the seams face the rear of the house.  When driving down the highway, you don’t want the wind catching a random piece of it. Good stuff to know!

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If I’d not seen that I honestly would have done it the wrong way.  The down side to doing it this way is that the seams are visible from the door side of the house….I’ll recover.  Putting on siding has been a fairly pain free process. The biggest challenges have been siding around the wheel wells.  Initially I was thinking of using the aluminum starter strip but doing so won’t work around curves. However, using instructions found here (great resource btw) I found that its possible to start without a starter strip.  You can use J-Channel on the bottom, then shove some spare pieces behind it to keep it from flapping in the wind.

I framed out the windows using a simple square technique.  They’ll be getting painted after everything is up.  Putting a bit of metal flashing on top of each and J-channel all around that.  Next you’ll need to use Utility Trim under the windows or at the top of the Tiny House to keep the pieces in check where you can’t nail them in.  The only tools I’ve needed throughout the siding install have been:

  • Speed Square – for marking straight lines  on vinyl
  • Measuring Tape – self evident
  • Metal Sheers (tin snips) – for cutting thick parts of vinyl (top and bottom)
  • Utility Knife – for scoring the rest of the vinyl before bending/snapping
  • Snap Lock Punch (allows under window vinyl to snap into Utility Trim)
  • Hammer – for drinking martini’s 😉

Using Roofing Nails about every 6-8 inches all around I’ve worked pretty fast.  For most of the siding install I’ve used 1″ nails.  For the difficult to hold/reach places a longer 1 3/4″ nail works great. For the overhangs I throw in a 2×2 treated post and trim it all with cedar fence boards.  View the video linked above for great detail on the ins and outs of installing siding.  My install has a few errors here and there, but its water proof and it’ll work great for years to come. Below are some videos and pictures in no particular order, it was too much for my lazy butt to sort 😉


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