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When it comes to protecting something I’ve put so much love, hard work….and money into I’ve been a bit dismayed at my lack of options (and will be more so once the house is fully done and we are living it in).  A few months ago I saw something about Tiny House Insurance but it was only available in the upper North West.  I put myself on a list to be notified when it became more widely available and it looks like its time to get excited.  Just got an email update from insuremytinyhome.com with the below.  Hit up their links to support them by buying a cute sticker and spread the word:

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Good afternoon,

I wanted to share some GREAT NEWS with all of you. It’s been years in the making but, we just finalized a deal that will allow us once licensed to offer tiny home coverage in all US states (except Alaska & Hawaii). Even better we will have coverage for transporting your tiny home.

Now we’re confident that we’ll have a solution for 99% of the unique solutions that will be bring to us. There will still be a few that will stump us but don’t worry will figure it out.

Coverages that will soon be available: moving Tiny Homes on wheels, full-time residents, self-built, construction type, tiny home rentals, AirBnB, and other alternative structures.

We now have the daunting task of getting licensed in all of the other states so please be patient with us. Some states will take longer than others but, don’t worry we won’t forget about you. It’s going to be very time consuming and expensive to get licensed in all of the states so you can support us by purchasing our TINY decals.

Now please continue to share our site and info with your networks so everyone can get access to coverage if wanted. The states with more demand will still be processed before states with little demand.

Thanks again for your support,
Darrell Grenz

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