Insulated Tiny House Loft

Tiny House Insulation

Insulating a house with rolled bat insulation is a pretty straight forward gig….except if you have your studs at anything other than the standard 16″/24″ widths (insulation is sold in only 15″ and 23″ widths).  As this build has progressed I’ve come to appreciate the job of contractors and architects even more than I did before.  The amount of forethought that has to go into the smallest details causes me a lot of work to make sure I don’t miss something.  If I’d been smarter I’d have started following the training workshop here earlier.

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For instance when you put a stud in a location you have to know how that decision will impact everything further along in the build. Initially when I started the build I did 24″ on center for the frame but then quickly decided that the frame wouldn’t be beefy enough. I then had to also consider where I needed extra studs under the loft to handle load bearing weight and so on.  In the end I over engineered and have a very sturdy house but it means more work when doing things like insulation.

For most of the insulation runs they are under 15″ and require me to cut long strips of the slightly irritating fiberglass.  Then trying to staple it up when the little flap has been remove on one side is problematic.  It still isn’t technically difficult, just tedious.  You do want to be sure when installing insulation that you don’t pack it in tightly nor that there are any air gaps.  You want the insulating material to touch both sides of the studs but not be squeezed in between them.  You also don’t want to compress it over pipes or wires you’ve run.  Doing so reduces the effectiveness of the insulating R Value.

I went with a standard R-15 Kraft backed pink rolled bat insulation from the big box store.  Its cheap, easy to install, and doesn’t require any special tools other than protective gear (long sleeves, pants, eye protection, and a mask) along with a staple gun and a utility knife.  Rather than step you through how to install insulation in a tiny house….let me show you the best tips you’ll find -> Here.

I stopped before I got to the plumbing work as I still have to do some pressure testing.  But got most of it up in the ceiling and most walls.  Enjoy!

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