Propane Hot Water Heater & Tanks

Propane & Water Heater

As I finish any of the utilities within the walls so that I can insulate and  put wood paneling on the walls I am now onto running the tiny house propane lines.  Since my wife is a chef she wants…i.e. requires a gas stove/oven.  We’re also doing an instant hot water heater.  Both will be propane fueled by two 40 gallon liquid propane tanks on the front of the tiny house. Should get us 1.5-2 months per tank.

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Running the propane line wasn’t that difficult.  I suggest first reading a decent ebook like this Tiny House Construction eBook which is only $20.  After some research I sketched out what I wanted to accomplish.  Basically, I knew I’d be running my propane line for the stove under the overhang of the tiny house up through the floor right by where the stove will be. So really only one 1/2″-3/4″ hole drilled up through the subfloor.

I used metal strapping and wood screws to attach the pipe to the floor joists.  At the location where it comes up through the subfloor I also have something called a “drip leg.”  This allows the condensation that is inherent in a liquid gas to collect in this leg rather than sitting in the main pipe.  I can then clean it out every so often. After the pipe comes up through the floor I’ll have an interior shut off valve in case of emergency. Crappy sketch of what my plan was below.

Tiny House Propane Line Sketch

Tiny House Propane Line Sketch

The video below shows the completed propane line before I run it under the tiny house.  Its 1/2″ black pipe and I used gas specific tape on the threads to prevent leaks.

Testing the propane line for leaks is fairly easy….but you might not be sure what to look for in terms of leaks when using the leak testing fluid.  Its easy to spot it once you know what to look for.  After I hooked it up I tested for leaks once again….because I’m paranoid.

The propane instant hot water heater I ended up using isn’t ideal, but it was inexpensive (just a couple hundred bucks).  This one will eventually be replaced with a more expensive one from Home Depot that is actually built for a house.  This one is from Amazon and is really built for things like an outside hose/shower or weekend cabin.  Not really built for a whole house and full time living.  However, it’ll serve its purpose for now.

Last up was installation of the rack for the two 40 gallon propane tanks.  Required drilling through the trailer’s hardened steel so I had to use the same cobalt drill bit I used for the trailer to frame attachment brackets in an earlier post. Enjoy the pics!

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