Home Reserve Couch Completed

Home Reserve Couch

Read our review after we’ve used this couch for a year and a half. Hint, its still fantastic and we’ve had everything from crayon writing on it, a dirty dog rolling on it, and our first use of the amazing warranty.

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We interrupt this Tiny House build with an important message regarding the couch we’ll be putting into the Tiny House.  Just like every tiny houser I’m slightly obsessed with research.  I knew that my couch would need to fit between the rear of the wheel well and the back wall (82″) and between the side of the house and the door (35″).  I also knew we wanted some sort of storage under the couch cushions. Lastly, we didn’t have a lot of money for this couch. Wouldn’t it also be nice if it was comfortable too?

Normally these types of requirements would mean I’d be building it.  However, I’ve built a couch before and have seen the ones in Tiny House videos and pictures…and they (along with the one I built) just aren’t that comfortable for long term sitting.  I’m sure others would disagree but I just wanted a standard looking couch.

With a bit of research we stumbled upon homereserve.com.  We found a lot of great reviews and a few poor ones. The poor ones seemed mostly to be from people who might have had unrealistic expectations. The basics are these: very customizable ordering process (fabric, shapes, sizes), very inexpensive offerings, modular couch designs, and a 10 year no hassle warranty.

These couches are shipped flat pack and unassembled.  The frames are CNC cut plywood and put together much like a 3 dimensional puzzle. The directions were easy to follow with only a couple of places where I had some difficulty.  Overall, its a pretty easy set up, but set aside a few hours.

After its set up its as comfy as you’d expect any couch to be.  There are a couple of hard parts near the bottom (the only bad reviews we found were about this) where there isn’t any padding…but you don’t sit here so who cares. It’s perfect for a family with kids and animals.  There is also storage built in under the seats. With highly washable fabrics, easily replaceable parts, modular additions possible, and a long 10 year warranty you can’t go wrong.

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