Tiny Home Wood Paneling Trim

Covering Paneling Seams

In my previous post I highlighted the finishing of hanging the wall paneling.  When I did the wall paneling I left gaps in between the sheets of plywood all over the place on purpose.  I knew I’d be covering it up with something. There are a couple of different routes you could go.  I chose the more difficult and costly option….because I’m hard headed.  You should choose the easier option.

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Easy option – Buy a bunch of wood or plastic/PVC molding pieces (they sell them for inside and outside corners, for different angles, and everywhere in between), finishing nails, and put them in your nail gun.  Nail them up, cut them appropriately where needed, use a bit of silicone over the edges to tidy it up, and paint. Enjoy your free time.

If you are like me and feel that in a small space even a bit of trim work can make it look busier than it already will when all the stuff is in the house go this next route…but be warned.

Hard option – Buy a bunch of Corner Bead (paper with two flexible metal bits), seam tape, a plaster type filler (lots), putty knifes, bucket, a scraper, rotary sander, sanding paper for drywall/plaster, goggles, and eye protection.  Then proceed to use the Corner bead and plaster related items to fill in the corner gaps and repeating the process with the seam tape for seams.  Then when dry, sand until you forget who you are or what you are doing. Then wet wipe all of the house (because that dust will be everywhere), wipe again, and then sweep and wipe down everything again. Finally you can paint.

If I were to do it again, I’d go the molding/seam trim route.  Doesn’t look as clean, but way easier. If you are smarter than me….you’ll just read an eBook like this that shows you how to build on a budget!


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