Tiny House Electrical Trim

Electrical Inlet Cable Enclosure

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sanding and doing other interior prep work.  I first had to knock out the box I’ve been planning to build around the incoming electrical cable.  The cable goes from the 50 Amp RV plug to the electrical box but it juts out a bit. This entire area will be fully covered with the stairs once they are built but it still needs to be reinforced to be sure nothing impacts the cable and needs to be closed off from the house.

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To do so I created a simple box with 2×6’s and toe nailed (nailing at an angle) the boards into the studs in the wall.  I put a small 1×6 cedar board on top as this will be covered up with the stair platform so isn’t needed for structural rigidity. I then put 2 layers of insulation in (only the first layer shown below) and closed in the front face with 1/4″ plywood paneling (same as on the walls).

Finally I trimmed up the corners using the same techniques as I did here. As a box this isn’t a big deal but it will provide me a rear support for my stairs while covering the cable so I wanted it to be done right.  I think it came out pretty great!

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