Trim Work Over Insulation on Tiny House Wheel Well

Wheel Well Prep & Trim

With the holiday’s over its time to prep the wheel wells and then on to finishing the sanding needed in the house before painting. Before I enclosed the wheel wells I decided to do something I’d not done earlier…..I opened up the wheel wells and waterproofed them.  If you are just starting off on your tiny house build you’ll be able to just apply the waterproof coating of your choice inside the wheel well (before enclosing it) and move on.

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This bit was mentioned in the tiny house training course that I attended online (can’t recommend it enough).

I on the other hand had to make sure that the area within the wheel wells was absolutely free of moisture before I continued.  I opened up the wheel wells and then since it was a dry weekend I began air drying the framing and sub-floor within the wheel well area.  There wasn’t much moisture in here, but overtime this would turn to rot if left to its own devices.

With a solid day of drying each wheel well I then began the process of sealing it in.  I opted to use Zinsser’s Bulls Eye Primer to seal up the area as it has a great reputation for preventing mold and water intrusion into end grain type material (of which there is some in the sub-floor and framing bits of the wheel well).

Waterproofing Tiny House Wheel Wells

This entire process took a couple of days to make sure I did a thorough job.  After that I then closed it back up, used caulking to seal up around the edges again, and got back to the work at hand. That work being the insulating and trimming of the wheel wells.  Since the amount of space I’m working with isn’t huge I opted to insulate using 1/2″ thick foam insulating boards cut to size.  I then stapled them in place.  This won’t be nearly as effective as the thicker insulation I have in the walls but its better than I see most Tiny Houser’s doing it….with zero insulation here.

My insulation is also not the best option. I’ve seen some Tiny House builders use spray foam insulation in the wheel wells.  That is the ultimate way to go…but expensive!  As I live in Florida heat is a constant battle so every little bit of insulation helps!  Once that part was done it was on to trimming out the wheel wells.  I used a basic white wood board cut to size.  I opted for 3/4″ as I wanted something a bit more structurally sound as I’ve have counter tops, fridge, and stairs using part of their base on this wheel well.  The video below shows the work in progress and the picture at the top of the page shows the completed boards nailed into place.  Enjoy!

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