Tiny House Exterior Trim Work Finished 3

Exterior Trim Painting

This post won’t be super heavy on text and instruction as its basically a repeat of the second part of my last post where I laid out how to paint the trim work.  Painting trim work is a pretty rewarding experience as it means that a major part of a project is nearing completion.

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That and as trim work is finished it really ties the whole thing together.  There is something that a contractor, architect, and Tiny House Builder has to have to build a house…vision of the completed project.  When you are looking at a bare frame and/or tar paper on a house you have to imagine what it’ll look like after you have everything done.

At this point the exterior is mostly done.  The roof still needs to be sanded, primed, and painted and the front door needs to get its Red paint but other than that it’s donzo!  Now is when I am starting to get excited.  Next up will be the interior painting and I can’t wait to see it go from bare wood paneling to white walls! The pix below are in no particular order, just a highlight reel of me painting the exterior trim work.  Enjoy!


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