Tiny House View From Loft

Tiny House Interior Paint

This is the point where things are deceptively looking almost done…and they are, but there is still a long road ahead of me.  Getting the interior painted makes it look like its only a few days away from being done. If I had a team of professionals working on this it would be doable in a week or two.  Unfortunately I’m on my own.

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However, the house is still nothing more than a shell.  A pretty shell, but a shell nonetheless.  I still have a lot of custom cabinetry work for the stairs, bedroom, shelving, and kitchen.  I have a bathroom to be built and a lot of trim work to be completed.  I have the roof that needs to be painted.  I have a floor that needs to be installed.  I also have flooring that needs to be installed. This is the part where if you haven’t planned your floor plan…you should.  Use an eBook like this one to help you plan your Tiny House Floor Plan!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been painting the interior and getting the ceiling fans installed.  Since its a tiny house I opted for two small blade ceiling fans.  While a lot of Tiny Housers would forgoe the ceiling fan I went with two because I live in Florida…it gets hot as all get out.

There isn’t much to painting that you couldn’t find on a hundred other sites.  This post is mostly about showing off how pretty it all looks! We opted to go for a white wall dark floor/cabninet (not in yet) look.  We’ll have plenty of colors in our curtains and wall storage.

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