Tiny House Towing

Tiny House Test Tow

This might be a bit weird…but as I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts before I am a bit paranoid. I over engineer items that might not need it, studied for months in prep of electrical and plumbing, and took to forums for parts of the build that some might be able to handle without outside help.

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So what am I doing that might be considered weird…doing a test tow of the tiny house before I put any more work into it. The last part of the build will require quite a bit of money as it’ll be new appliances and expensive flooring and trim work.  Because of this I want to be sure that the house can and will handle being towed without an issue.

I reached out to Tim’s Towing (local professional towing company) last week to come out to take a look at the Choo Choo Tiny House.  I’d bought this trailer with 2 5,500 lb axles and figured that my build will be heavier than that.  I wish at this point that I’d have taken the extra time and paid the small amount extra to get a trailer built specifically for a Tiny House like this one or this one. Since I didn’t though I had no idea what would happen if my house was over the weight limit.

After speaking with the towers I was informed that while it might be the case…the worst case scenario would be that an axle breaks and you drive slower for a bit. Tim said he’s been towing for for 40 years and that typically for an overweight load you just drive slower to avoid this.

We set up for him to come back out this week. Before he towed the Tiny House I neeed to prep it.

After prepping it….it was time to put myself through torment as I watched my house being pulled out of the lot its been in for 2 years.  Such a big part of your life being towed by a stranger feels sureal and terrifying.

While I’ve seen Tiny House Pictures where everything went wrong…this isn’t one of those kinds of posts:

With that completed its time to move on to finishing the house.  Here are some pix while you wait for more updates:





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