Downstairs Bedroom Trim Complete

Under Loft Trim Work

Now that I’m 100% sure that the house will tow fine its time to get this Tiny House finished!  Time to finish up the loft area so I can start working on the bits underneath it without worrying about having to navigate around all of the soon to be obstacles.  While the pictures in my pictures before makes it seem like a wide open space…soon this tiny House will be packed with things one needs to live!

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I have a lot of wiring and exposed bits in the rafters so its time to clean up the mess in prepreation for the painting as I’ll be painting everything white to match the walls.  To start with I had to add a bit of insulation to the exterior bits between the loft rafters.  I used what I had on hand and then used kraft paper to staple it in place.  Then it was just a matter of toe nailing in boards over the top of it.

To hide the exposed wiring I had to build out the bits around the wiring with some wood strips then put the trim boards on top of that. Lastly I added a recessed light. First I had to create a box for it in between the rafter beams, then trimmed it out using the materials on hand.  In the end it all came out tip top.  Enjoy the video below (which was taken before I finished the light and most of the trim) and the pix below that!






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