Tiny House Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop & Bathroom Video

I am in the middle of working on several parts of the house so I stopped to take a video of my progression. I finished up adding the countertop to the tiny house kitchen cabinets that I walked through in the linked post. I picked out my stove, a 22″ Atwood RV stove.  As far as a tiny house stove/oven it was a requirement that it be propane (wife is a chef and she makes the rules).  The 22″ stove gives enough room inside the oven area to be able to cook most things we’d ever cook for our 3 person family.  That with 3 burners on top we’ll be able to use the area with everything from our wok to our small coffee pot.  I had some issues with getting the fittings from the propane hose in the kit I’d bought (1/2″) to hook up properly to the 3/8″ size on the stove.  I had to go to that section of Lowes where there are a thousand small fittings and search through them until I found what I was looking for.

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We also picked up a 10″ deep sink.  Since we will only have 1 sink we wanted something that was fairly deep.  Most RV sinks are fairly shallow so it took us awhile to find a single sink that was 10″ deep. For the bathroom I picked up a sink/cabinet combo for just over $100 and it fits perfectly behind the newly installed sliding doors.  In a previous post I cover the ins and outs of the doors.  Same process as I did with the bedroom ones except I had to do a bit of work to get the door to fit as I had an outlet in the wrong area (DIY woes).  Since we are doing standard house plumbing in the tiny house rather than composting and/or RV holding tanks I picked up a toilet.  However, because I wanted to use room to the fullest I opted for a corner positioned toilet.  Makes it feel like there is a lot more room when you sit down.

Aside from that I mention the framing I did for the tiny house stairs I designed and built in the linked post. The framing was done with 2×2’s and are a face frame only to support the opening areas.  Enjoy the video!





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