Tiny House Framless Kitchen Cabinets

Stairs & Cabinets Walkthrough Video

Here is a video I took before I finished the stairs and before I leveled the kitchen cabinets.  This provides a bit more detail into each cabinet where you can see how I cut around specific things like the wheel wells and the propane shut off valve.  As you can see in the video the cabinets are not aligned to one another as I’ve yet to shim them.  I also haven’t gotten to filling in the holes with wood putty nor sanding in the below video.  I’ll post one in the coming weeks after I’ve done the detail work. The reason I’ve done most of this myself is to stay on a strict budget.  If you want to learn about how to save money to build your own tiny house, this program is a fantastic place to start. It covers money saving ideas along with how to get others to finance your build!

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To see more detail on how I built both the Tiny House Stairs click the link or if you want to see how I built the Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets check out that link.  In both I cover my process for design along with special considerations to take into account.  Tools to build both were very similar, Table Saw, measuring tools (speed square, square, measuring tape), pencil, and the Kreg Jig System.  I can’t speak well enough about how amazing the Kreg Jig system is for a person with minimal carpentry skill.  Using this system is inexpensive, very fast, and creates a very durable cabinet (or stairs in my case).  Look up all of the Kreg Jig walk-throughs out on the wild wild internet for more detail on how to put it to good use.


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