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Sewage Drain Lines

The time pinch is real.  I’ve been working on the tiny house for just over 2 years and its time to wrap it up.  Since I still have a full time job and full time family I needed to offload some of the final work I had remaining.  The outgoing plumbing is a part that has stressed me out a bit as I hadn’t studied up on it yet nor had I felt confident in my abilities as of yet.  I know that if I’d studied hard like I had for the incoming plumbing and electrical using the resources here I’d have figured it out….but time wasn’t on my side.  I opted to call in the professionals.

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I had a couple of plumbers provide me with quotes after telling them what I wanted; a set up for 1 tub, 2 sinks, and a toilet, all keeping in mind the fact that this will need to be towed (so road clearance is important), AAV’s vs through roof venting, expansion potential for a washer if we want to add one later, and terminating in a pipe to hook up to my RV sewage line.

The plumbers who won the deal were fantastically helpful, responsive, and willing to tackle this challenge (remember, to them this is likely the first tiny house they’ve ever seen up close).  I think it ended up being around $1,500 for the work.  If I’d ended up doing it on my own the parts would have only run a couple of hundred but this was still a fantastic bargain…because I didn’t have the time to learn how to do this step.  I scheduled it all for a few days out, left for work, came back and viola, the Choo Choo Tiny House sewage drain lines were all installed!  Not only that, but they also hooked up my sink and toilet finished plumbing.  I’d had the parts laying around so they said that since they finished up early they figured they’d just set up my sink faucets.  The guys rocked.

I remember when I’d been stressing about this step that I’d researched heavily how others had done their set ups….to no avail. I found little tid bits here and there but nothing concrete. So I took this video to show you the general set up of everything.  I hope it helps you in your research for doing your own tiny house sewage drain lines!


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