Tiny House With A Red Door

Roof & Door Painted

Over this build I’ve had to teach myself through lots of study, a bit of frustration, and more study how to do almost every aspect of the build.  I started by studying the coursework here (fantastic resource if you are building a tiny house) then I moved on to books, youtube videos, and blogs like this one. I also had to work a full time job and care for my tiny family while I was doing so.  This led to building the house taking me a couple of years. In the past few months my wife made sure to let me know that the time to move in was fast approaching.

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As I replied once to someone on my YouTube channel, I now had to decide if I was going to continue putting sweat equity or actual cash into solving the time crunch problem.  I still have to work a full time job…but I also need to get the house built and am looking to move into it this summer.  So I found a couple of areas that I could parse out to others.  One was painting the roof and door.  I could figure out both but time isn’t on my side. I went on to craigslist to find out what the talent looked like.  First guy replied with a rock bottom quote and that he could start that day.  Never asked me anything about the material he’d be painting and then kept badgering me about wanting to start right away.  Lots of red flags there for me.  The next guy (and the one I ended up going with) wanted to come look at what he’d be working with (rusted metal roof) and said he’d have a talk with his Sherwin Williams guy to find out how much the paint would cost and get back with me.

He called me the next day with a couple of options, the 25 year paint job, the 10 year, and the 5 year. He explained how he’d prep the roof, how he’d paint it, and what the differences would be.  Overall it made me feel very comfortable.  I asked about him painting the door and he let me know how much extra (time and money) that would be.  Being Florida and spring we had to wait for a couple of very clear days and he’d get started.  I went with the 10 year route along with the door and cost for everything was $600.  Well worth it so that I didn’t have to do it and it came out looking better than I could. The wife wanted a red door so I got a happy wife and tot out of it!

Tiny House, Tiny Family

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