Tiny House Undercounter Fridge/Freezer

Tiny House Refrigerator

The new refrigerator/freezer came in today.  Since my wife is a chef (I like to brag about that a lot) and she prepares almost all of our meals from scratch we needed something that could hold quite a bit of food while keeping the required space to a minimum.  Unfortunately this left out refrigerator/freezer combos that were built for the dorm.

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I next looked at undercounter 2 drawer freezer/fridge combos like I’d seen on a couple of Tiny House Nation shows.  Those posed two problems I couldn’t get around. 1. They were prohibitively expensive at $2,000.  2. Because my counters were built around the wheel wells they wouldn’t be able to mount under any counters (as my wheel wheels jut out and up into the cabinets but are hidden by them).

So I kept searching.  I looked at RV refrigerator/freezers and while those would technically work they (like most RV equipment) are designed for part time use, not full time use.  They also require cabinets to be built around them as they are designed to be installed within RV cabinets.

Then I found the Avanti Model RMS550PS side by side (counter height) refrigerator freezer combo. With 3.3 Cubic Feet of Refrigerator and 2.2 CF of freezer space for $409 on Amazon.  I decided to build a platform next to the stairs to put it on so it’ll work great. The platform elevates it over the wheel well and creates a storage space underneath the fridge.

***Update from the future….review on this Tiny House Fridge Freezer Combo ***

Enjoy the pics of the Tiny House fridge/freezer!

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