Tiny House Flooring Installed

Vinyl Plank Flooring

When I started looking at flooring options I’d first considered wood planks.  I tried them out but failed miserably at the lock & click variety.  I figured I’d do a vinyl sheet type but alas a this point I’d yet to have tried a vinyl sheet type installation of flooring…..having said that….from 9 months later as I post this….I wish I’d have gone with a vinyl sheet installation.  In the interim I’ve had to replace the bathtub and the floor around it and the glue and squeegee method of installing sheet vinyl is way easier than measuring and cutting vinyl planks.

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Ultimately with Vinyl planks you don’t want them to be less than 6″ in length or less than 2″ in width.  So you first have to test install bits around the house to see where things will end up.  Then you cut, refit, and test again.  Once that’s all done you can then start installing.  If this was written when I first installed it..that would be it.  However, 9 months later and I am seeing gaps starting to widen certain planks even though I’d acclimated the planks for weeks before I’d installed them and made sure each clicked into place.

My suggestion for those Tiny Housers who are going the vinyl plank route …buy some vinyl glue and vinyl sheeting that looks like wood planks and you’ll be far happier in the long run.  Both are easy installs but vinyl sheeting is a bit easier and if you get a thicker version it’ll look better in the long run.

After I was done with the downstairs I headed upstairs to the loft and set up 1×3 slats spaced 1 1/2″ apart.  I wanted to give the mattress room to breath and then just installed the vinyl planks around it.  It looks great as a finished product!



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