Wall Storage Ideas

Tiny House Wall Storage

If you’ve seen even one episode of any Tiny House show you know that giving up a lot of your possessions is a requirement. Luckily…my wife and I have lived minimally for years and even when we haven’t we’ve been completely ok throwing or giving away almost all of our posssesions. However, as parents and people who have to work office jobs we have gathered some items we can’t just get rid of.  In a tiny house you can create hidden storage areas but the best place for storage is the walls.

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In our old house, which was smaller than what most Americans live in, we went to a local farmers market a few years ago and got a bunch of used vegetable boxes. A bit of paint later and they made excellent wall storage.  We just transferred most of the boxes over to our tiny house and viola…wall storage. As with the kitchen storage decision of having an open shelving design we are fully aware that being able to see all of the items we have in the boxes could make it look cluttered…but we’re betting it’ll just make it look lived in…which we are totally ok with The colors inside the boxes tend to add a bit of vibrancy to the black and white walls/floor I’ve created so it works out well.  Enjoy the pix!

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