Five Flags RV Park

Moving Day

Today was the big day….moving day.  I’d prepped the house the same way I did when I’d performed the test move.  Thinks like making sure the tires were properly inflated, the ceiling fans were secure, and in general that everything was ready to be towed.  The last time that I’d done the test I’d called Tim’s Towing here in Pensacola and it went well.  I was terrified the entire time but it still went off without a hitch.

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At the same time we were right in the midst of downsizing, cleaning the old house, and prepping to move.  As anyone knows, prepping to move is a huge process in and of itself.  Add to that downsizing, wrapping up 2 years of building a tiny house, and then getting ready to trust that investment in time and money to a towing company and you can slightly begin to imagine the day I was having. Since they did so well the first time I called Tim’s Towing again.  This time Tim himself showed up!

We were only going about 15 miles and I’d already scoped the route.  On the plus side Tim’s brother just so happened to live in the same RV park that my wife and I were moving into.  Small world right?  What RV Park were we moving to? Five Flags RV park.  We chose the park after looking at all of the ones in the area.  We had it narrowed down to one close to my work and one quite far away but with a better set up.  Since the one that was far away (Five Flags) was all interstate to my job it won out.  It has commercial grade wifi, a large space for the house, laundry trolleys (yes, actual trolleys for the laundry rooms) and every site was underway at being paved.  Lastly, it was very close to lots of stores and such so we didn’t feel like we’re were missing anything.

In short, it was an awesome find by the misses.  Check out the traveling pix below.

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