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Moving In

First month in the tiny house…check!  We are a bit different than the typical Tiny Houser’s (at least the ones from a certain reality TV show) in that we never really had anything that we were terribly attached to that we couldn’t get rid of.  When it came time to move in we ended up giving away and/or throwing away most of our items with little or no concern.  I kept my tools and have a small storage unit we pay about $50/month for as I know I’ll end up needing them. Aside from that everything else went.  We ended up spending a good deal of our first month just adding touches here and there to things we needed.  Since we’d just gone through a pretty expensive finishing run to get the house done some of the things we are doing are temporary (curtains on the cabinets and pop up canopy’s for exterior shading).

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Since we have a toddler I wanted to be sure he was part of the move in process so aside from helping me build the house occasionally (my older son who doesn’t live with us helped quite a lot as well) I wanted him to help get his room ready.  He and mom put up quite a few stickers in there to really make it his own.  He had also been sleeping in a crib up to this point… this was also going to be the first time that he’d be moving from a small crib he couldn’t/didn’t want to get out of to a bed with a door he could easily open…Hello parental panic 😉  I did have to add one little thing to his bedroom sliding doors…latches on the bottom so he couldn’t push the doors out and fall out of the room…don’t ask me how I figured that out…but lets just say there was a scare.

Since we are currently using a little 5,000 BTU window unit as our primary AC I needed some circulation so fans in the loft, and in Ollie’s room to keep air moving…did I mention we live in Florida? Lets see…what else did we get up to.  I did some no sew curtains for the windows and rather than creating slide cabinet doors (those will come much later when I have the time/inclination) I did curtains for the cabinet doors as well.  I frosted the bathroom window up and then got our outdoor area into shape with a pop up canopy.  The outdoor bit will change in the next year as the RV park is putting in a concrete patio (nice!) and I’ll be eventually installing 2 retractable awnings.  But budget is tight currently so pop up canopies it is!

After living in the RV park a month I think I know the things I love and the things I want to improve.  Here’s the improvement list:

  • The first 2 weeks we were here the wifi was pretty abysmal….and we were more than a bit worried that we might have to invest in a satellite….but low and behold Five Flags RV Park was upgrading their wifi right as we moved in and its now more than useable….when you are outside the Tiny House. I have a metal roof and it seems to be acting a bit as a Faraday cage (trapping in signals and not letting outside ones in).  So I’ll have to get a repeater installed.
  • The current AC we have also won’t be a long term solution as its just not big enough to keep up with the beating sun and normal every day use of oven, people moving inside and out, sun beating down on house, etc.
  • The bathtub is not ideal…looks super cool on blogs i read when building but man it sucks.
  • The fridge is tiny and since my wife cooks most of our meals from scratch it means we can’t store as much in the freezer and she is shopping a lot more…going to have to upgrade.
  • The wall storage is a great idea…but currently it makes the house look a bit cluttered so thinking I’ll switch to shelves with drawers for things we have/need on the walls.
  • Definitely need more closet space.  I work in an office and the wife loves her dresses.  Gonna have to figure that out.

Things we love:

  • Being so close together.  We are a tight nit family so being so close to one another is so rewarding.
  • Being done with building the house.  I spent 2 years of nights and weekends building it so I’m so glad to be done!
  • The compliments we get all the time from people stopping by to say hi.
  • Being on the road to paying down our debt!
  • Living tiny

Here’s some pix of our adventures in the first 30 days.  Enjoy!



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  1. Congrats on moving in.

    I really enjoyed your journey’s articles. Would be lovely if you posted more frequently. Personally, I recently joined the Tiny House Movement and am enjoying every bit of it.

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