Dining Outside The Tiny House

Living The Tiny House Life

As we venture into this new chapter in our lives we are finding our way and building our routines.  Luckily we’re also having a great time while we do it.  Lets get this first part straight…if you are dreaming of the tiny house life…but cant stand your significant other, don’t like doing things outdoors, or are adverse to minimizing…then this isn’t the life for you.  We’re lucky in that were a close family with a penchant for spending time outdoors doing all manner of activity.

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Unfortunately we haven’t had a lot of time or money this first couple of months to do a lot of traveling.  We’ll get there but moving is expensive and tiny houses (like the one we built) are no different.  We had to pay for storage to dump my tools into and paid for wrapping up finishing touches that we weren’t able to finish before we got moved in.

Now that we’re moved in we get to relish in the relaxation of being finished with 2 years of hard work (I worked nights and weekends on the tiny house build while my wife worked taking care of the little one and me). It was a long two years… But now we get to enjoy our spoils!

In this past couple of months we’ve explored the new RV park, enjoyed our family dinners, caught up on rest (notice me an my pup having a well deserved snuggle on the couch below) and of course…made popcorn.  The wife is gaga for popcorn so its always a treat.  Since my wife is a professionally trained chef I was worried about my kitchen setup that I’d built for her…but the stove at least is working like a champ.  Its 3 burners…but more than enough for what we need it for.  The lack of microwave hasn’t been an inconvenience at all (I thought it would).  Enjoy the pix!

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